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For over 30 years, NCRP has served as an independent and reliable source of information and analyses for members of the media on issues regarding philanthropic accountability, transparency, best practices and responsiveness to the needs of marginalized communities.

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Press Releases

03/03/2015 Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership: A (Missed?) Philanthropic Opportunity
02/03/2015 "Responsive Philanthropy" Winter 2014/15: Funding for Grassroots Organizing Contributed to Executive Order on Immigration
01/15/2015 Call for Nomination to Honor Outstanding U.S. Grantmakers
11/12/2014 Philanthropy Benefits from Diverse Sources of Collaboration
08/24/2014 Responsive Philanthropy Summer 2014: Philanthropy Benefits When Those Affected by a Problem Determine the Solution
07/30/2014 Philanthropy Watchdog Asks IRS to Investigate Otto Bremer Foundation
06/25/2014 Philamplify Watchdog Examines The California Endowment and Daniels Fund in New Crowdsourcing Website
06/16/2014 Lessons for Today's Social Justice Movement from the Freedom Funders
06/10/2014 Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leaders Gather in Washington for 2014 NCRP Impact Awards

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NCRP in the News

03/13/2015 The Chronicle of Philanthropy How White Foundation Leaders Can Promote Racial Justice
03/04/2015 Forbes Systems Change Approach as Top Trend
02/19/2015 Nonprofit Quarterly Activism on the Ferguson Commission
01/20/2015 The Chronicle of Philanthropy What's Next for Foundations
12/22/2014 Nonprofit Quarterly Transparency in Philanthropy
12/18/2014 Urban Milwaukee Foundation Helps Get $20 Million Windfall
11/25/2014 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Steve and Jean Case Tout "Impact Investments" instead of Giving Money Away 
11/19/2014 Bloomsberg Businessweek Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Sells Drug Royalties for $3B
10/20/2014 The San Francisco Chronicle These days, a lot of charity begins with donor-advised funds
10/15/2014 Fifth of U.S. Grant Makers Pay Their Board Members, Study Finds
09/24/2014 Nonprofit Quarterly LaMarche: Do Philanthropy and Democracy Mix?
09/21/2014 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Trustees' Pay Is Challenged After 2 Give Themselves 1,000% Raises Over 9 Years
09/21/2014 The Daily Beast After Years of Racial Division, the Green Movement Gets Brown

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Roundup Archive

    Mar 2015 Organizing for Educational Justice: Parents, Students and Labor Join Forces to Reclaim Public Education & more!
    Feb 2015 A Lesson in Feminine Norms: Why Philanthropy Matters to Educational Outcomes & more!
    Jan 2015 Call for 2015 Impact Award Nominations, issue campaigning, transparency in philathropy and more!
    Dec 2014 Lessons for Philanthropy from CPSD to raise minimum wage for the New Year and more!
    Nov 2014 Building long-term alliances, movement metrics and more!
    Oct 2014 Discovering mission investing, linking impact to diversity and more!
    Sept 2014 What's standing between your investments and mission alignment?
    Aug 2014 Foundation Transparency: What is it and why does it matter?
    July 2014 Summer heats up as Otto Bremer scandal unfolds, and more from NCRP
    June 2014 Excessive compensation, Freedom Funders, new Philamplify reports and more
    May 2014 Marrying moral principles and accountability in philanthropy
    April 2014 The importance of data in philanthropy
    Mar. 2014 Fostering emerging leadership in philanthropy
    Feb. 2014 Is there Attention Deficit Disorder in philanthropy?
    Jan. 2014 Supporting Institution-Based Community Organzing

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