Our Staff: Niki Jagpal

Niki Jagpal

Senior Director of Research and Policy


Niki Jagpal

Niki Jagpal joined the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy as the Research and Policy Director in 2007, and was promoted to Senior Director in January 2015. She came to NCRP from the Research Department at Media Matters for America, a web-based nonprofit progressive research and information center. She has nearly fifteen years of experience working in the nonprofit sector. 

Previously, Niki worked at Ipas, an international organization that works to enhance women’s reproductive rights and health. She helped organize the March for Women’s Lives in 2004, mobilizing grassroots participation in the event. She worked with local groups to increase voter turnout while at the Center for Community Change and conducted research on post-Katrina New Orleans for the Fannie Mae Foundation. She has led workshops and given presentations at local and national universities to engage the next generation of nonprofit leaders and at various national conferences. 

Niki holds a bachelor’s degree in history and cultural anthropology from Duke University and a master of public policy from Georgetown, with a concentration in education, social and family policy. She has studied community organizing and social change with Marshall Ganz at the Harvard Kennedy School of Governmen. Her thesis on racial inequality in the United States was accepted for an inaugural institute on race and wealth funded by the Ford Foundation at Howard University’s economics department. At Georgetown, she assisted with research at the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform and Systems Integration and studied advocacy and social change with Pablo Eisenberg. Niki’s research interests include structural racialization, which she has studied with john a. powell at the Ohio State University. Niki is grateful to call Pablo and john her mentors.

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